Hey the 90’s called err, paged… yeah remember those? I missed out on having a pager, so why not create my own and rock it — complete with a tiny display and mario ring tones!


Pager iterations with a quarter for reference

I really need to make a belt clip for this. hmm Anyway I created a pager with the idea that it should get a few weeks between charges on a 150mah battery. Some specs on the two iterations I made:

First iteration is based on a Si4432  radio. With a max range of ~1/2 a mile in a fairly urban environment (metal fences, wood/drywall buildings) at 433Mhz, 2dB omni antennas, 100mW tx power, GFSK modulation, 56uA when it’s sleeping, ~90mA when it’s talking to the base station. ~3$ radio module

Second iteration is on a Sx1276 LORA radio. Max range is upgraded to roughly 2 miles with Lora modulation — same environment at at 910Mhz, 2dB/5dB omni antennas, 100mW tx


Lora range Test

power, 56uA when it’s sleeping, ~90mA when it’s talking to the base station. ~10$ radio module.

Yeah I’m leaving out a lot of the fine details on the modulation, but i’ll post source code if anyone is really interested.

Quick video of me rambling just a heads up I am up for making this into a kit if anyone is interested.

Expect another post with Sx1276 range test (lora range test)


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11 Responses to Pager-Duino



    Nice one ! Would you mind sharing the schematic, part list & code ?


  2. Dave says:

    Hi, Really cool project. Do you have the code on Github? I am interested in the source code.

  3. Dennis says:

    Hey Andrew,
    nice project. I’m really interested for more details of your pager. Are you still thinking about making kits? And of course it would be really nice to see the source code of your work, if possible?

  4. Marcus says:

    I am very interested in your Pagerduino Project, do you share the schematic, board Data, part list and Code?
    Many Thanks!

    mok :-)

  5. Ron says:

    Hi Moser,
    Would like to know more, am interested to buy pagers.

  6. Tobias says:

    Hi. I want to build one. Could you please share the source code, schematics and the part list

  7. jeremy says:

    Just wondering if you ever made kits and how to get one?

  8. Vageli says:

    Hi there, Andrew. I read about your pagerduino project and was interested in learning more about the base station design if you don’t mind sharing.

  9. Edgardo says:

    Hi! Could you post the source code?? I am really interested.

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  11. Lars Fischer says:

    Hi, I would also be interested in the code and PCB. Can you please share it?

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